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Tracking USPS shipments is easy! Learn about packets moving from one facility to another and USPS International Tracking Systems.

If you are shipping from the US and want a good way at the lowest cost, a postal solution like USPS is the number one solution for many small businesses.

However, when it comes to USPS parcel tracking, local tracking cases may be considered "encrypted" for some.

In this article, we'll show you where to track your USPS packages, what you can expect from services that provide tracking, delivery statuses, and what you can do if you lose your USPS tracking number.

USPS Package Tracking Method

With USPS, tracking orders or parcels is simple. The best way to monitor shipments is through domestic or international tracking on USPS Tracking and Confirmation Tool. Simply enter your tracking number to find out the location of your shipment.

Other ways :

- Phone 1-800-222-1811

- Text message to 28777 with your USPS tracking number as the content of the message

- USPS Mobile app on iPhone and Android devices

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